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What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?


My Stroke Forward Transformation programs were created for people who are absolutely ready to change their lives. Every stroke is different, but we all have some things that lead us down the similar paths. You need support and encouragement as you figure out what is the best way to move forward. Most importantly, you have to believe that you CAN get better. And you have to work hard.


Yes, I am going to ask my clients to try hard every, single day to do a little bit more than they did yesterday. This is not about the big wins, although you will have them. This about the small wins, (and they can be minuscule). I want you to celebrate the small wins as they happen. 


It’s important that you work hard on your recovery. Yes, I know, you won’t want to work on your speech, your movement, and your mobility every day. I didn’t want to, but I made an effort to despite the discomfort because I wanted to create neuroplasticity. It is now generally accepted that acquired brain injuries, such as occur in stroke or trauma, initiate a cascade of regenerative events that can last for years. The key is that the client needs to work on it every day. 


The first day it is like you are standing on the edge of a jungle. You have a machete, and you have to hack your way through your jungle. You start swinging. Your muscles ache. You don’t get very far. But, you have started. When you go back the next day, you hack some more and get a little farther. Eventually, you break through to the other side. You are thrilled! You have a path! You go down that new path day, after day, after day. New circuitry gets embedded. You are building a new neuropathway and it gets stronger every time you walk that path. What happens when you decide not to go down that particular path for for a few days? You have to whack some of the jungle down again. It grew up when you weren’t looking.


What you’ll do will be a transformational experience. You will open up to a very different way of thinking and receive full support while you achieve your incredibly exciting goal.

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