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Marcia Will
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Marcia Moran knew nothing about how to get "whole" after her stroke in 2014. She spent the next five years learning the answers to her particular stroke.

She had aphasia, a communication disorder. According to the National Aphasia Association, if not cured by the second or third month of recovery, it is almost impossible to overcome. She nearly conquered it three-and-a-half-years post-stroke, proving that you can sometimes find a different answer to your particular problem if you continue to search. 

Marcia also had weakness on her right side, and the physical therapists did an excellent job guiding her through therapy while insurance lasted. But then what? She still wasn't whole. She had to find her own way. 

Marcia will tell you what its to be a stroke survivor, including how she found holistic, or functional, doctors. These doctors made key differences in her recovery that she didn't expect.

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