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Thank you for being interested in my book. It means that you are part of a community comprised of people with aneurysms, traumatic brain injuries, and stroke survivors. We also deal with the people who love and care for their loved ones. Chances are it is a community that you didn't seek. I think you'll find it's an important resource.


There is some good news for those of you who enter this place. 

  • Members here are genuine.

  • Stroke survivors are taken back to their bare bones -- sometimes what you get is all too real for the patient.

  • In this community, compassion for the stroke survivor and the caregiver needs to rule the day -- every day.

Stroke FORWARD: How to Become Your Own Healthcare Advocate . . .One Step at an Time is available for sale now! 

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One morning, Marcia Moran woke up, and nothing was the same as before. Without warning, this physically fit, active, animated woman became incommunicative and immobile due to a massive, debilitating stroke.


Just as suddenly, she and her husband were thrown into the labyrinth of the American healthcare system without a clue as to how to be certain she would get the care she needed.


Stroke Forward is not only Marcia's telling of her amazing, inspiring recovery, it is also a searchable guidebook for finding and getting the treatment needed to recover.


Clearly written in an easy, personal style, this book will inspire, advise, and assist anyone struggling with a disability.


 — Gayle S. Mooney