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Wheel of aphasia

What areas do you think need the most help for your recovery? 


Survivors with aphasia need assistance across multiple disciplines as they regain their ability to speak, read, write, or comprehend. People generally look at pitch, tone, volume and speed, yet survivors with aphasia look at saying anything that makes sense at a speed that other people will stop and listen. Even better is being able to process the language you want to say, when you want to say it. 


Look at each section and place a dot where you would mark yourself in each area. A dot placed nearer the center of the circle indicates dissatisfaction or area for improvement, while a dot placed toward the outside indicates ultimate happiness or satisfaction with the category. 


When you have placed a dot on each section, take a look at the wheel and see which areas work. Sometimes the answer might surprise you. For example, you may think that exercise doesn’t do much for your aphasia. Studies show that exercising not only helps your body keep in shape, but your ability to recall, process and use language improves as well.

Take a few minutes to find out where you stand
Wheel of Aphasia
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How did you do?

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