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Depression Is Not the Answer

How does one get out of depression? I asked Keith Taylor that question, and his answer surprised me. His depression went away when he looked from the world from a completely different perspective. Not one of, “Woe is me,” but the perspective of “What can I do for others?”

Keith had lost his job. His wife took care of him. From the outside he looked like healthy, so people didn’t understand that he was cognitively impaired. The stroke had changed him psychologically and emotionally. Devastated, he considered the consequences of not a burden to his family.

Then he had an epiphany. If he thought about others, would his own world be different. He created the following mission statement:

"When I die, I want to Leave a legacy for my family (I want them to know how much I loved and thought of them. I want them to feel proud of who I was, and what I was trying to do while on this planet). Not necessarily of money…but more of an action. I want to lead others’, with good actions, and to let them know that I worked hard and tried to be the best man I could be proud of". It took a couple of years before the depression truly went away. In the interim, Keith had something to look at and keep him moving forward. This is one of the things that Keith now brings to other stroke survivors. In addition to hope, he brings the B.A.S.E. Program.

  • Belief

  • Attitude

  • Strength

  • Energy

Want to know more? Listen to Keith Taylor on the Stroke Forward Podcast. You will hear: What happened when you had your stroke? 2:22 I don’t look like I’ve had a stroke. 4:57 What did your wife think? 5:34 Getting let go from his job. 7:37 Depression. 9:06 The BASE Program. 13:04 Just Say “Yes” to Life. 19:05 Stroke Awareness Oregon. 20:22 (Forgetting someone’s name) This happens to all of us. 23:02 We would love to get (the book) into hospitals. 25:36 The FAST campaign; 27:16 Heart attack vs. stroke. 30:02 StrokeForward. 42:32 When you were sitting in the meeting room crying, how did it make you feel? 45:06 Thanks for listening!


Have you had a stroke or brain injury and can't find help? Please contact me at Stroke Forward because you were meant to be heard.

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