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What Will You Do after Your Stroke?

I am guessing that starting a business isn't one of those things that pops into your head. Yet, Michael Erwin did just that.

Jennifer and Micheal Erwin

After his stroke happened in September of 2017, Michel had a number of challenges to overcome. He learned that the hospital he went to wasn't suited to recovery. In fact, does any stroke survivor know what recovery actually looks like?

Join us as we journey down Michael's road to recovery. You will see that his fight for life includes making a place for all stroke (and brain injury) survivors gain back their self independence! (Listening highlights below.)

Step Out with Stroke Warriors

In fact, if you want to activate your independence and you are near Wake Forest, NC, join us for Step Out with Stroke Warriors. The event starts at 11 am, Saturday, May 14th and closes at 3 pm that same day. This is one way Michael help you gain your independence!

Listening Highlights

My stroke happened like a stroke like the snap of my fingers. 3:07

I had jotted down the websites the passwords so (Jennifer) would have it. 7:39

I couldn’t hardly speak and I couldn’t find any of my words, but anything I could find it was really was $10 word. 9:40

Always had in the back of my mind that if I could just get out of this hospital I could work out and I would get better. 12:03

I was stuck in a wheelchair. They [the doctors] thought that was where I would be. I refused. 14:00

My wife found Steps for Recovery. They were my life’s savior. 14:57

I definitely brought out her (Jennifer's) dominate side. 17:41

I really had trouble pronouncing words. 20:28

One morning I woke up and I had a vision. “Michael, open a non-profit for stroke survivors.” 22:49

We are also amazed that the insurance would only cover basically 2 months of rehab. 24:37

Our mission really is to help stroke survivors that have exhausted their insurance . . . [brain injuries, too] 26:44

They have quoted as high as 80% go home with depression and they really don’t come out of their house. 30:25

I will never forget my first day driving . . . I went to a sport bar . . . That is the excitement that I want to give . . . 31:17

I used to have an extreme numbness from my ear all the way down my face. 36:27

The therapist will relax me and have me listen to music [and Michael’s hand will be wide open] 39:19

Out of the blue I got an email from Lawnae Hunter. She had read my story . . . 41:44

[Just Say “Yes” to Life] I got real emotional and that was really kind of interesting . . . 42:52

I think that caregivers are really special because they love us so much. 46:40

There is nothing more exciting than gaining your self independence back. 47:22

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