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My Flexibility is Out the Window

Do you work out now that you are stuck at home? I go for a daily walk. Otherwise, I have pretty much given up on exercise. That is a mistake that I found out the hard way. Yesterday I decided to stretch a little. Ouch!

Being a stroke survivor, stretching out and exercising was something I did every day. You don't work out, you lose it. I find that I lose my muscles much faster than before my stroke. So I shouldn't be THAT surprised that I probably have the flexibility of a 90-year-old woman.

So . . . I decided to do something about it. I typed in YouTube, brought up stretches for flexibility on my computer, and I did one yesterday. I hurt a bit this morning, but I did another one today. I am convinced that nothing is going to stop me from getting to a body that is flexible as my age.

Although I may not be able to go to the gym because of the Coronavirus has us shut in at home, I am going to stretch out every, single day. What about you?

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