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No Eggs, No Cheese

One egg stands out as being different.
One egg stands out alone... different.

Well, the verdict is in, but it's not related to the stoke. I am allergic to eggs, cheese, yeast... and a whole lot of other things. The first question I asked the Doctor was something like this:

How does one comply with eating the good stuff?

He said, "Look at the shelves and fill your cart with everything on the list that's nixed out."

The Doctor was trying to tell me that would be better than I thought. So, I stopped by Trader Joe's and Wegman's on the way home and gave it a try. I thought I was doing well until I got home and found out the oats were on the list. Go figure. Guess I will try different recipes to see what I can cook up. And, I am definitely returning the oats.

In the mean time, I well as finish my last Starbacks. I have a feeling coffee will be off the list.

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