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The Stroke and Teres Minor Muscle

Today I had my first session in the gym since the holidays... and I went in with a little trepidation. Lyn Loy, my Physical Therapist, generally gives me a really good workout. Today we caught up with what happened over the holidays.  Then I shared my story about falling off of the SPRI ball when working out. My shoulder has felt bad since the day a pinged it two weeks ago. Nothing seems to make it improve.

Lyn took a look at my shoulder and arm, and then started with a series a movements to see if she could see any damage. She finally suggested that we do a modified program to help it heal. From diagonal overhead reaches to tracing hearts on the ceiling, my repetitions went surprisingly well.

And then it was time to tweak my shoulder. The teres minor and infaspinaters muscles (part of the back rotator cuff) were contused from rolling off the SPRI ball. Luckily, the damage to my right rotator cuff was limited and Lyn did a fabulous time with the after exercise massage. The right shoulder has driven me nuts since the stroke. Hopefully, it can get better now.

Photo by marin. Stock Photo - Image ID: 100185169 

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