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The Stroke Left Me Right-footed

Okay, I really don't know if that's true. But my right foot stays on the outside of my body if I don't pay attention. It is not obvious to the casual looker, but the masseuse gave me a hard time today when she worked on my leg. As she massaged my right femur and fibula, she distracted me from my right shoulder. It may have been a good thing, too.

Since the stroke, I have paid attention to the big things. Walking without a limp. Getting my arms to swing when I walk. Snapping my fingers. The constant pain the my right shoulder has been a bear because it has taken so long to get better. But I realized today that the pain feels more manageable. Maybe it is time to recognize that the shoulder will get better with less emphasis and look at other things that need attention.

That's where the right side comes in. I've noticed lately that the strength in my lower body it hasn't come back the way I'd like. Is it because I'm spending too much time after the stroke thinking the shoulder? Quite possibility. For now, I'm going to think about what it means to walk straight and without a limp. Wish me luck!

Photo by Feelart. Stock Photo - Image ID: 100152876

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