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Your Toolkit is My Gift

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I created the Stroke FORWARD Toolkit because I found it frustrating finding things after my stroke. If I couldn't find things, then perhaps other brain Injury survivors experienced the same issues.

The toolkit has 3 components: 1) Top 12 Tips for Recovery, 2) Resources, and 3) Videos that my PT worked on with me.

Top 12 Tips

The Top 12 Tips for Recovery tell you critical elements that I found necessary for getting on with my life. Print them out and share them with your caregivers. You can use it as a guide for telling them what works and doesn't work for you.


Resources include websites, books/audiobooks, and videos of TED talks. I found these resources ridiculously difficult to find. I either could not think of the word, I could think of the word by couldn't spell it, or I could think of how to spell it but couldn't get my right hand to work properly.


The Videos show a stroke survivor's ability to push through the pain of having limited motion. While I do the exercises well now, when I was first working with my physical therapist (Lyn Loy), I was completely uncoordinated. I sometimes felt uncomfortable doing them, but I truly wanted to get better. So when Lyn asked if I wanted to try something, the answer was always, "Yes."

How To Get Your Stroke FORWARD Toolkit

The toolkit is available to all those who buy my book, Stroke FORWARD, How to Become Your Own Healthcare Advocate . . . One Step at a Time. Inside the book, you will find out how you can get your Stroke FORWARD Toolkit.

Please join my Facebook page and tell me what worked and what didn't work for you. Together we make this world a better place for all brain injury survivors.

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