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Have you had a stroke or traumatic brain injury?

Are you are the caregiver of someone who's life has changed with a brain injury

This site is for you.  

Do any of these statements describe how you feel?
  • I wish I could walk and get the use of my left arm. 

  • I’m so exhausted.  . . . I just don’t have the energy.

  • Nobody knows anything about aphasia. They only want the treat the physical part.


I understand. I had a brain injury myself that changed my life. I can tell you that you can get better as long as you believe in yourself. And, you don't have to recover on your own.


Jan DeLucien tells the differences
she experienced after 7 sessions.

Jan's Testimonial
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the mind plays a key role in your recovery -- MENTAL REHEARSAL

Mental rehearsal can help you get better. As you go over a new movement in your mind to create new skill, you tap into neuroplasticity. It works best when you tie it in to rehab and a skill you need to build or regain. Like walking. Or talking.

The Mental Rehearsal I put together is meant to let you see what they are all about.

What Others are Saying




“I had a stroke. No one really knows what it is like unless they have also experienced a brain injury. I had aphasia (a speech disorder) from my stroke, so talking . . . well, I couldn't do much. I was so frustrated because, when the words didn't come out it felt like a little piece of my was dying. Marcia changed that. Because of the guidance she provided, I can speak naturally now. In fact, I speak to audiences all across the U.S.!


Marcia reminded me that it takes more time than expected to recover from a brain injury. I learned to savor the small things as they happened, and rejoice when I made a breakthrough. With Marcia on my side, I was never alone. 

I loved the coaching experience with Marcia. The thing that most caught me by surprise is that, regardless of where I was on my journey, Marcia saw the real me.”

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