Have you had a stroke or traumatic brain injury?

Are you are the caregiver of someone who's life has changed with a stroke? 

This site is for you.  

My Story

The morning my stroke occurred caught me off guard. I woke up and knew something was "off." I tried to text a friend to tell her that I wouldn't make coffee that morning. The text was gibberish. "Oh well," I thought. "I will text her later." I rolled over. Excruciating pain struck! Despite my throbbing headache, I drifted off to sleep. That was a mistake.

Later that day, I awoke to right-sided paralysis. I had a choice to make. Try to make it down the hall so my husband could find me… or give up right there. I fell to the floor and started dragging my way toward the door, using my left hand and the carpet pile to leverage me. 


I am Marcia Moran. This is my story...


How I Can

Help You

If you have had a stroke, TBI, or love someone who has, my husband and I have been there. For us, we didn't know anything about strokes, brain injuries, or how  to get better. I struggled to find different tactics along the way back to my new normal. Some worked. Others didn't. The problem for brain injuries is that they are all different.

There is good news, though. Some things have similar patterns. So, I wrote about the steps we took when a stroke happened to me. I didn't think of it as healthcare advocacy at the time. But later, I wrote the 'Take Action' part of the end of every chapter because these were the highlights of what we did as I sought recovery. Hopefully this advice will help you or a loved become an advocate for yourself...