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A Red Chicken Comes Home

Ok. I'll admit that it's a rooster.

Before my stroke, I painted regularly. My sister gave me my first class when we visited one year. That first painting was dreadful. Even so, it was a fun gift to try and I had a good time painting. You could imagine my surprise when she sent her paints later that same year. The message was clear. Start painting.

Since that time, whenever we went on vacation with my sister and brother-in-law, we would take our paints along. We'd find a quiet afternoon, a bottle of wine, and paint to our hearts content. Or, my brother-in-law and I would get up early and hike with our cameras ready so we would be inspired later. Over time, the paintings became really good. I even sold one at Festa Italia in Seattle.

Since my stroke, I haven't painted much. The paints have been out on the dining room table and I've thought about it. But when I try to draw a straight line (or something that resembles a picture), it wasn't good enough to paint. I realized that it was time to get into painting again... or let myself admit that I would give the paints away.

That's where the rooster comes in. I signed up with Margaret two weeks ago. She had me drawing in class the first day. He looks a little worse for wear. His head is a little squished. His tail is a bit frazzled. But I actually drew lines that were long and curved. In my mind, he's perfect.

Photo by Karen Shaw. Stock Photo - Image ID: 10020841

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