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Nothing in My Fridge... Any More

Well, that may not actually be the case. Today I purged my fridge and cabinets of almost all of the ingredients the Dr. said I needed to clear out of my life. Somehow, a few items needed to stay. Tonight I asked my husband if he could eat the things before I threw them out... just in case. Good thing, too.

It surprised me how hard it was to throw things out—especially the items I bought over the past two weeks. Annie's Cocoa & Vanilla Gluten Free Bunny Cookies took center stage during the purge. The cookies hold yellow corn flour, soy flour, and soy lecithin. So, now one of my favorite gluten free snacks is unavailable.

I couldn't throw away the pumpkin either. I think I have to make pumpkin cheesecake one more time... at least for him. For me, well, that's a different story.

Tomorrow I see my physical therapist. I think I've made a few steps back from my stroke when I dove off my SPRI ball over  the holidays.

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